Are you aware that 90% of online bookers choose a native language when available and 78% are more likely to buy from a booking website in their own language? In countries like Japan and France, a staggering number of 60% won’t buy from a site that isn’t in their native tongue. These powerful numbers underscore how much revenue you might be leaving on the table if your descriptions are not available in several languages.

To add a description in an additional language, simply select the plus symbol in the description form:

A list of available languages will appear. Select the language you wish to add:

Once you have selected an additional language, a new input field will appear. Use the selectors to switch between the fields for the different languages:

You can now add the descriptions in the additional languages of your choice. If your desired language is not available, simply let us know and we will quickly add it in our next system update. 

To remind you: 

  • The Basic Account lets you provide descriptions in 2 different languages

  • The Premium Account lets you provide descriptions in 10 different languages

  • The Enterprise Account lets you provide descriptions in unlimited languages

This article explains how to upgrade your plan so you can benefit from the additional languages.

Please contact us if you are interested in our translation service for your hotel and room descriptions. We offer real, human translation at a very reasonable price. The Enterprise Account includes one free translation

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