It is merely the the interface that lets you update your hotel profile that is currently only available in English. We will soon release an update that lets you view this interface in other languages.

More importantly, HDC's data feed is distributed globally and freely accessible by any business in the travel industry. Processing the data feed is not limited to the English language. Whichever language is used by the those accesses the data feed, all data points and values can easily be translated and displayed in other languages. 

All you need to do is ensure that your descriptions are provided in whichever languages you wish to be displayed in. Those accessing the data feed will choose to use whichever language suits them best. If your descriptions are not available in that language, they will choose the next best available option.

To remind you: 

  • The Basic Account lets you submit descriptions in 2 different languages

  • The Premium Account lets you submit descriptions in 10 different languages

  • The Enterprise Account lets you submit descriptions in an unlimited number of languages

Please contact us if you are interested in our translation service for your hotel and room descriptions. We offer real, human translation at a very reasonable price. The Enterprise Account includes one free translation.

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