HDC is not involved in the actual booking process (and hence, does not receive commission for bookings). But yet, we claim that a well maintained account in HDC will ensure greater conversion and more bookings. How so?

Travelers nowadays still care about the price, but there is an increasing tendency to search for the "perfect match", a hotel that caters exactly to their personal expectations and requirements. And for this hotel, travelers are willing to touch or even expand the upper limit of their travel budget. 

Perhaps your hotel really is a "perfect match" to travelers who currently book rooms elsewhere? Granted, this depends on a lot of factors - but due to a lack of information, they can't fully judge your value proposition and accurately determine if you are their "perfect match". Due to this, they don't take your hotel into closer consideration. Or perhaps your hotel does not even appear in the search results, because filters where applied that omit your hotel due to lack of information?

This is why HDC collects a wide array of data and information from hotels. We ensure that your hotel can be portrayed accurately and with extensive information across all booking channels. Anyone can access this information through our data feed. We distribute your information to an extensive network of booking partners.

This will let travelers make a well informed booking decision, making it easier for them to determine that you are indeed their "perfect match" and ultimately, leading to higher booking conversions across all channels accessing your information through HDC.

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