As described in our replies to the question "Is HDC a booking website?", we are not involved in the actual booking process. HDC makes your hotel information available to any business interested in gathering information about your hotel. As explained in our reply to "Where can I find the link to my public profile?", we do not show this information directly to consumers.

In consequence of this: We distribute your information in our freely accessible data feed, but do not actively list your hotel on our own website. This is also why HDC does not receive any commission or other type of payment for hotel bookings.

So who are the content users that access our data feed? 

This article lists many of the booking partners that access your information & photos.

We feed your descriptive information into the booking systems of hotel room wholesalers, bed banks, travel agency networks, tour operators, booking websites and meta search engines. The information is currently distributed to the following geographical regions: 42% in EMEA, 35% in APAC, 14% in USA and Canada, 9% other countries. Due to Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that are signed with our content users, we unfortunately can't publish a fully comprehensive list of all channels.

But rest assured: We have made it our mission ensure that all the relevant channels will receive access to our content & data. If you ever stumble across a channel that shows wrong or outdated information, obviously not accessing your information through HDC: Let us know and we will contact them immediately.

Alternatively, you can send us a list of all the channels that are relevant for your hotel. We will then perform an internal analysis of that data – if we identify any channels that are important to you, but not already covered by us: We will contact them and make sure that they complete an integration of our data feed as soon as possible.

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