Granted, there are lots of sources for hotel information. But there are some major flaws with these sources: 

  1. Access to many of these sources is restricted. They are hard to find and are intended only for very specific usage. HDC's data feed is accessible by any business that is somehow involved in the booking process and requires hotel information 

  2. While hotel websites are publicly accessible, the information contained on them can't be integrated into other booking channels. Hotel websites have no standardized format and manually researching information from several hotel websites is quite a hassle, as information can't be compared side by side to rates and availability. HDC uses a standardized format that is suitable for all types of hotels.

  3. The currently available sources usually aggregate information from third parties that are not directly associated to a hotel. Their information may be outdated or even entirely false. Misinformation is passed on from source to source and will likely never be eradicated from such sources. HDC gets all the information from one single source: The hotel itself. Knowing that the information in HDC was provided directly by the hotel, anyone accessing it can be certain that it is up to date and accurate.

HDC aims to cover all hotels globally and distribute this information to anyone requiring it. The Premium and Enterprise Accounts are necessary to get the full range of features and data coverage. But we want to ensure that using HDC is a viable even for small budget hotels, which is why we provide the option of signing up for a free Basic Account.

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