HDC is perfectly suited for all kinds of hotels, ranging from small bed & breakfasts or hostels to large resorts or luxury hotels. This is why one of the data points that we collect is what kind of hotel you run - there are many different options for you to choose from and often, several categories will apply.

Especially for independent hotels without back-office support from a large group or management company, it's not easy to ensure that your hotel is portrayed correctly on the many booking channels that sell your rooms. So we are especially happy to also host information and HDC profiles of smaller and independently run properties.

Even if you only sell through a few select booking channels and perhaps don't face all the issues that are caused by the complex multi-channel distribution networks, registering with HDC will be beneficial to your business. Letting us distribute your content makes your property discoverable to additional booking channels that could significantly increase your occupancy  - and in turn, managing an expanded distribution network requires much less effort than it currently does. And should you chose to continue working with only your existing booking channels, we can still ensure that these channels have access to much more comprehensive, automatically distributed information.

While our Basic Accounts are free, we've set a reasonable price for our Premium Accounts that makes them affordable even for smaller properties running on tighter budgets. And if you sign up for two years, we will even throw in two free months.

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