Hotel Data Cloud (HDC) is a content distribution platform.

We enables hotels to easily share detailed content and comprehensive
information in a standardized, globally consistent format.
We automatically distribute this to all relevant channels.

As a hotelier, you rely on complex distribution networks with hundreds of booking channels to sell your rooms. These channels require detailed descriptive content about your property, highlighting your unique features and detailing all amenities, services, and facilities. Distressingly, the content currently shown to potential guests is incomplete and even inaccurate, misleading, and obsolete. HDC is here to help!

Our hotel profiles capture a vast array of information.

This includes multi-language descriptions of your hotel and its different room types, photos with corresponding metadata and many details about your rooms, amenities, services, and facilities. This ensures comprehensive coverage of everything you have to offer and amounts to over 600 different attributes. HDC also lets you quickly circulate news or temporary changes. Essentially, we cover everything a traveler might want to know when searching for accommodation for their trip. This corresponds with the requirements of all major OTAs and even goes beyond what they typically capture. Most importantly, our comprehensive details ensure that your hotel is easily discoverable for travelers with very specific requirements.

We only source information from the hotel directly.

We never aggregate from unauthorized external sources that are unrelated to your hotel. The information you provide is stored in a standardized profile. Your HDC profile is assigned a unique identification code, which is matched with your properties existing supplier codes to ensure that it can be easily mapped. Your content and information is then distributed in a unified data feed. Any subsequent updates to your HDC profile are automatically distributed through this data feed and you'll no longer be required to manually update individual extranets or share fact sheets via email.

Our data feed is freely accessible. Using our API, it can easily be integrated into other platforms, such as booking platforms, reservation systems and distribution systems of wholesalers and bedbanks. With access to detailed, consistent and reliable information, travel agents and booking platforms can provide better recommendations and a more refined search function with better filtering options, allowing travelers to make smarter booking decisions.

HDC serves as the single source of truth.

Anyone accessing your hotel information through HDC can rest assured that they receive first-hand information that is accurate and up to date, as it has been directly provided and authorized for distribution by you. Even if it's a small independent travel agency halfway across the world, accessing your rates through a maze-like chain of resellers without a direct hotel contract: HDC ensures that they receive first-hand information and don't strew faulty or outdated information about your hotel. In turn, this ensures that potential guests can make smart, well-informed booking decisions. And ultimately, the guests showing up at your front desk know what to expect and nobody faces any surprises.

We put you back in control.

HDC saves you time, elevates your hotel's discoverability and boosts the conversion of views into bookings. We are not involved in the actual booking process and don't take any commission or charge for bookings. HDC works alongside all existing systems that ensure a seamless booking process throughout all channels, along with the correct transmission of rates and availability. Whether it's a hotel booking engine, channel manager, global distribution system or whichever other solutions are tied into your booking and reservation process: HDC's content distribution is fully compatible and can be easily integrated into all these systems.

We strive to establish HDC as the only place where you need to update information – so whenever something changes or you enhance your property, all you need to do is update your HDC profile and it is automatically displayed across all channels and systems that generate bookings and drive revenue.

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