The different suppliers, wholesalers and OTAs that you work with (such as Hotelbeds, RoomsXML, GoClobal, Expedia, etc.) assign internal codes to your hotel that help uniquely identify it. When they distribute your rates and availability to the different booking channels, this information is transmitted alongside with your hotel code.

The information stored in HDC feeds into different booking systems and channels. The information is transmitted along with a unique identifier, the HDC code, which can be seen at the top of your profile below your hotel name.

To ensure that your hotel can be easily identified and that all your information is attributed to the correct profile within other systems that use the information stored in HDC, we additionally map your profile to the different supplier/channel codes.

The section for the supplier/channel codes can be found within Basic Information. All major distributors are available for selection. Please notify us if you are working with suppliers/channels that use their own code and are not listed.

If you do not know your hotel's code with one of its suppliers/channels, please check your contracts with this supplier/channel, log in to their extranet to find your code or contact them directly to inquire your code.

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