HDC is neither a booking engine nor a GDS/channel manager etc.

We focus exclusively on content & information. This means that in HDC, you can upload your descriptions, pictures, information about amenities and services - anything a guest might want to know when searching for a hotel and before completing a booking.

The information that you provide in your HDC profile is distributed to anyone who accesses our data feed and fed into their booking systems.

Consequently, HDC is not involved in the actual booking process. We don't interact with the distribution of your inventory: Your rates and availability are distributed through the existing systems, to which we work alongside. We don't collect information about your distribution strategy and policies, we don't track your bookings and we receive no commission.

By signing up with HDC, you do not only make the work of travel agents, tour operators and booking websites easier. You also make sure your guests have a full understanding and comprehensive information about your hotel before they arrive. This not only helps you get more bookings, but sets the right expectations and leads to less complaints.

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