The photo section provides content quality scores for each photo and your entire listing. The higher your score, the greater your visibility, the higher your conversion rates.

The following table explains how the overall score is calculated:

Quantity Score: Potential guests want to see a variety of photos on your listing. The recommendation in our Property Photo Checklist is to upload at least 25 photos. You will score 4 points for each photo and up to 100 points (for 25 or more photos).

Size Score: As PCs and mobile devices get higher resolution screens, potential guests prefer larger photos. Each photo gets a score based on the length in pixels of its longer side. A photo scores 100 points if it is at least 3840 (4K) pixels on the longest side.

Categorization Score: Many booking websites will not accept your photos unless they are categorized. You'll score 100 if all photos are categorized. See this article for instructions. 

Room Type Score: Most booking websites want your room photos to be assigned your room type codes. If all of your room photos (photos categorized as guest room or suite) have one or more room types assigned, you'll score 100 points. See this article for instructions.

Overall Listing Score: You'll get an overall score that is the average of the quantity, size, categorization, and room type scores. If all of the sub scores are 100, then you'll get a perfect 100 score, otherwise you'll get the average of the sub scores.

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