Aside from adding captions, tags and a category to each photo, you can attribute them to a certain room type. Before doing this, you will need to set up the room types in the photo section.

This is a very simple process, especially if you've already set up the room types in HDC. You can use this article for reference in case you haven't set them up yet.

1) Go to the photo section. Make sure you are in the listing overview of the photo section. If not, simply click your hotel name, as indicated below by the orange box:

If you are not yet in the edit mode, you need to click the blue button in the right corner that says "enter edit mode" to set up your room types.

2) First click "Room Types", then click the plus symbol to add a new room type:

3)  Use the same system and same names that you've added to your hotel's HDC profile. The code can be an abbreviation of the room name.

Once you've added the room types, you can attribute them to your pictures. Learn how to do that in this article.

Remember to click "Save and exit" once you have finished editing your listing in the photo section

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