Your work doesn't end once you've uploaded a picture: It is important that you add the correct title & caption, tags and category to your photos.

(Additionally for pictures of guest rooms, you should attribute them with the correct room type. Read this article to learn how to add your room types for the photo section)

We recommend that you add as many of these details as possible to each photo. Not just so your potential guests can easily grasp and understand what is visually shown –  the Tags and Categories will help electronic systems identify, process, distribute and place the images correctly.

You can edit the attributes of each picture individually by selection it on the left side of the image section. You can also jointly edit the attributes of several pictures at once: To do this, select multiple pictures from the left side while holding the "Ctrl" button.

For each image, you can edit the Caption & Description (in several languages), assign a Category, assign multiple Tags and attribute it to one or several Room Types.

1) Caption & Description:

 Click on "Caption" to edit these image attributes. You can add a different caption and description for each of the following languages:

Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

2) Category:

Each image can be assigned to one of the following main categories:

Exterior, Lobby, Property Amenity, Reception
Guest Room, Guest Room Amenity, Guest Room Bath
Suite, Suite Amenity, Suite Bath
Bar/Lounge, Breakfast Area, Restaurant
Beach, Casino, Golf, Pool, Pool (indoor), Pool (outdoor)
Health Club, Recreational Facility, Spa
Ballroom, Business Center, Meeting Room, Wedding
Laundry, Local Attraction, Miscellaneous
Basics, Hot News, Logo, Map, Promotional

3) Tags

You can assign numerous Tags to each image to indicate what kind of visual information is shown to the viewer.

4) Room Types

Images of your guest rooms should be attributed with the corresponding Room Type. See this article to learn how to set up the Room Types for the photo section so you can attribute them to your images.

Remember to click "Save and exit" once you have finished uploading and editing your photos. 

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