Please note that the photo section is only available to subscribers of our Premium or Enterprise account. The photo section will be available within one working day after you upgrade.

To upload new pictures or edit/exchange/remove existing pictures, please use the left menu (or follow this link) and navigate to the Photos section. Click "Manage Photos". 

This will load the main overview:

  1. You need to click the blue button in the right corner that says "enter edit mode" to upload new pictures or make any changes. Confirm this in the following popup:

2) To upload a new photo, right-click in the area that is indicated by the blue arrow:

This will open the following menu:

3) Select "Add New Photo" and choose a file to upload. Once the file has been uploaded, it will show up in the photo overview on the left side. This is indicated below by the orange box:

Clicking a photo on the left side will open the photo's details on the right side, indicated below by the orange box. Please see this article to learn how to edit those details and add captions, tags and a category to each image. 

Clicking on your hotel name, indicated here by the orange box, will bring you back to your photo listings overview:

Repeat steps 2 & 3 to upload additional photos. Right-click on an existing photo to change the photo (while keeping the photo's attributes) or delete it entirely. 

Our Premium account lets you upload up to 50 photos.
Our Enterprise account lets you upload up to 80 photos.

Remember to click "Save and exit" once you have finished uploading and editing your photos. 

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