We make no secret of this: While you'll benefit instantly by saving lots of time, HDC is not a quick one-time fix for your hotel's content & information distribution issues. Many effects and benefits of using our platform and service will set in over time.

Your hotel profile's exposure to different channels, more data points in the searchable parameters of your booking partners and all the additional features that are provided by our platform will eventually convert the increased views of your listings into bookings – this has been confirmed by our users and confirms our own confidence in the benefits of our platform & service. 

You will immediately start saving time by no longer needing to update each channel manually. But we won't make illusions: You will not be able to measure all effects in a matter of weeks. Especially the effects of reduced complaints, improved reputation and less redundant telephone/email inquiries about hotel details are initially intangible and will become more noticeable the longer you use our service.

We can ensure that HDC will put you back in control and become a valuable, indispensable tool for your content distribution.

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