Try to use exterior shots that showcase your building in relation to its surrounding community, especially if it's a picturesque landscape or an exciting urban setting. We recommend following these tips: 

  • Light: Optimal lighting is naturally available during what’s known to photographers as the ‘golden hour’.  It refers to the period just after sunrise or just before sunset. Its length depends on where you are, what time of year it is, and the weather conditions. The temperature of the light is in the warm, yellow range of the light spectrum with the atmosphere acting as a giant diffuser that reduces and softens the light's intensity. This creates a welcoming ambiance.

  • Details: Capture outdoor amenities, such as bicycles that are available for your guests or an outdoor sitting area. Don't mislead guests with by suggestively including details of the neighboring property that aren't actually part of your hotel.

  • Location and landmarks: Your exterior shots should convey the atmosphere of the surrounding area. Depending on the expectation you want to set, they can of relaxing nature or bustling urbanity. You might want to include shots of landmarks that are taken from your property. But don't include shots that were taken elsewhere and advertise a view that cannot be seen from your property. This would lead to disappointment and reflect negatively on your hotel.

  • Edit: Don't underestimate the value of post production. You don’t have to spend small fortunes on professional editing software: There are plenty of affordable and even free options on the market, offering sets of basic editing tools and tricks that allow you to sharpen blurred images, adjust colors and modify the lighting. Beware of taking things to far with filters and effects: The final images should still portray your grounds naturally and accurately.

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