As a smaller hotel, you may chose to work with only a few carefully chosen booking websites. What you might not be aware of: Many booking websites run extensive affiliate programs, passing on your rates to other partners that you have no direct connection with. But they don't pass on comprehensive descriptive content and photos!

One of the industry's most extensive and widely used affiliate programs is associated with one of the world's largest booking websites and most likely covers your hotel. This program's terms clearly state that their affiliate partners are not allowed to use the hotel content & information and show it on the affiliate partners' own pages. This applies to all types of content, including but not limited to hotel descriptions, reviews, hotel/room photos and hotel facility information.

This has a significant impact on your hotel: It means that numerous other websites might show your hotel to potential guests, but are forced to get your hotel information and pictures from a third-party source.

HDC gives such websites access to firsthand information and photos of your property. We ensure that these websites can portray your hotel favorably and comprehensively, just the way you want them to. 

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