For one, there's the obvious factor of enhancing your discoverability and enabling you to target niches of guests with very specific requirements. But aside from that: Providing complete information about your rooms will highlight the unique qualities of each room type and can entice travelers to pay more for one of your premier rooms.

Travelers review your room options read through the amenities & services offered for each room type. When making their booking decision, they will evaluate the perceived value of each room option based on their particular needs and preferences. The more they know, the better! Some might even filter their hotel search results based on the availability of a certain amenity. Providing a comprehensive overview with all the details ensures that your listing doesn't get dropped from the results when such filters are applied. 

Once you have added the different room types, HDC makes it easy to differentiate them by allowing you to attach many different amenities and services at the room level. With a few simple clicks, you can tell travelers specifically what they can expect to get with each room type. You can set amenities and services across all room types or at individual room level – providing you with maximum flexibility.

For example, you can set complimentary bottles of drinking water for all rooms and also add additional services, such as free newspaper service or fresh fruit & snacks, to specific room types.

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