Research has shown that images are hugely influential both in the browsing and deliberation stages of a potential guest's booking decision. For example, an exploratory study sponsored by the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) at Cornell University used eye tracking paired with in-depth interviews to reveal that consumers fixate most on images, closely followed by the hotel-provided description. This guideline will help you showcase your property in the best light: 

Capture everything your property offers. Carefully asses your property and determine your photography needs in a list, then check off the photos you have captured. We recommend:

  • Quantity: A total of at least 25 photos (Premium lets you upload up to 50 photos; Enterprise lets you upload up to 80 photos)

  • Photo size & resolution: At least 2048 pixels on the longest side (or 3 megapixels)

  • Room coverage: 4 or more photos for every room type, one of which is the bathroom. Try to capture every element of the room*

  • Exterior & location: At least 1 photo of the exterior grounds and location**

  • Common areas & amenities: At least 1 photo of the common areas and each amenity (lobby, restaurant, business center, gym, pool, etc.)***

Bear in mind that certain types of images and image attributes evoke emotional reactions:

  • The predominant image that triggers positive feelings about a hotel is of a bedroom with a window view, especially one that offers a pleasing vista and has an abundance of natural light streaming into the room. It can help travelers picture themselves staying in the room and create an instant connection between them and the hotel. 

  • Beyond the bedroom, views from other vantage points such as living rooms, terraces and restaurants are also appealing when there are vistas of something interesting or beautiful. Unique or attractive features of your hotel act as eye catchers that can evoke delight, drawing interest early on. 

  • Standard lens images are considered more trustworthy and reliable, whereas distorted or poorly lit photos can evoke negative emotions and suspicion that you could be trying to hide something.

  •  Photos that draw the most positive responses displayed rooms with clean lines, good light, an attractive color scheme, spaciousness, and a lack of clutter. Moreover, pictures showing multiple features of a room, including bathrooms and closets from both close-up and wide angles, make guests feel they are getting a complete, accurate perspective of the room, and are thus more appealing.

Check out our tips for photographing exterior spaces and for photographing guest rooms & bathrooms for additional advice. Following these guide will help you achieve a high quality score

*Travelers rank rooms as the most important image when choosing their hotel. Experiment with different angles to get the best photos. Research has shown that using unique photos for each room type results in 11% higher conversion rates. Highlighting different room types’ unique views, bathrooms, sizes, sitting areas, or balconies in your photos will provide travelers with a reason to upgrade.

**Travelers tend to rank location above all other factors for their booking decision. Help them visualize your location with distinguishing exterior photos.

***Public spaces such as dining areas are important to travelers: It is no coincidence that they are mentioned in more than 1 in 10 reviews. So be sure to feature them visibly!

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