HDC collects a lot of information for each hotel, going very deep into detail. We want to ensure that your property can be portrayed as comprehensively as possible. For each property, every single data point gets distributed to our content users through our data feed.

However, it is up to the content users to decide which of those data points they integrate into their systems and display on their websites.

With over 600 data points, there are obviously some that nobody displayed before HDC came to life. Let's take the "rainfall shower" as an example – before we started providing this information, not a single booking website had previously listed this type of shower as a searchable parameter. And this was not because they did not deem it relevant, but simply because they lacked this depth of information. Rest assured: There are indeed travelers who enjoy starting their day with a "rainfall shower" and will make this a selective criteria of their hotel search, if available.

A lot of our content users start by integrating our data feed to update the existing fields of their hotel listings. Parallel to this, they usually kick off the development to update their listings with new fields, designated to make use of the depth of information that you provide through us. And we actively advise them use all our data points – after all, the more a traveler can learn about your hotel, the more likely he is to discover your property and make a confident, well-informed booking decision.

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