Channel managers let you efficiently plan and distribute your room inventory (availability and rates) in line with your distribution policy.

To avoid overbookings, your inventory needs to be continually updated across all of the distribution channels. Channel management systems have become essential tools for hotels to manage complex distribution networks, reach global audiences and maximize their bookings.

HDC doesn't replace your channel manager, but is fully compatible and works alongside your existing distribution systems. We enhance the booking process by supplying extremely detailed, accurate hotel information that ties directly into the existing distribution processes & systems.

While some channel managers go beyond rates & availability and also collect basic descriptive information about the property, this rarely reaches all relevant booking channels that show your hotel to potential guests. Channel managers primarily feed into the systems of major OTAs, bed banks and wholesalers, which then only redistribute minimal information beyond rates & availability. HDC ensures that all booking channels have access to comprehensive first-hand content and information about your property.

We focus exclusively on hotel information and content. We are not involved in the actual booking process (and receive no commission).

However, keeping your profile up to date will help you get more bookings:
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