Straightforward: No, HDC is not based on the blockchain. Let us explain why.

We are among the enthusiasts and clearly recognize the advantages and value of blockchain technology in regards to transparency, data security, logistics & process simplification, and regulatory compliance. These potential benefits have generated huge interest particularly from the financial sector and surely, the blockchain will also radically change many other sectors. 

There are many ideas for its implementation and application in the travel industry. Global players and startups alike have announced plans to disrupt legacy systems by migrating towards the blockchain. But many of those feature seemingly desperate efforts to include blockchain, with the technology having little relevance to the actual idea. The ulterior motive is often to signal a knack for innovation. The technology is still in its infancy – widespread adoption and actual market disruption will take some time.

With HDC, we’ve made it our mission to provide a solution that can be immediately applied in the market. HDC’s data feed is built to reliably distribute your content and data into existing systems and any booking channel. Today, this does not require or benefit from blockchain technology.

That being said: Once we see sufficient demand and adoption of the blockchain technology, we will consider implementing it into HDC. Our developers have already drafted blockchain concepts for HDC. They are eagerly awaiting the moment when it’s feasible to implement blockchain technology and put those concepts into action.

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