HDC lets you choose from a number of hotel types. Potential guests will often base their search on these hotel types, so be sure to select all that apply to your hotel.

Please be careful and think twice if the chosen type really applies to your hotel. Travelers will have very specific expectations associated with certain hotel types and you should ensure that your business meets those expectations. Fooling potential guests and raising false expectations is not clever marketing, but downright fraudulent and will have consequences.

A prime example is the "luxury" hotel type, which to some extent has already been exhausted and degraded in the hotel industry by overuse. However: Luxury travelers will be high-paying, but also highly demanding. They will have very specific and high expectations of what a "luxury hotel" should offer: High standards in service, in rooms and amenities, in dining, and in everything else.

Another example: If you classify your hotel as an "airport" hotel, it should indeed be in the vicinity of an airport and offer certain services that a guest would expect from an airport hotel. The following services are not mandatory for this type, but give you an idea of what guests might expect from an airport hotel: early & late check in/out, early breakfast, late dinner, luggage storage, airport transportation etc.

Make sure that your property meets the expectations that relate to each chosen hotel type and can keep up with the competition that's listed alongside your property in the respective hotel type.

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