Before guests ever book your rooms, they will get a first impression of how your business presents itself on the respective booking channels. This first impression counts! So put some thought into this and make sure that your descriptions are professionally and carefully drafted.

One of the cardinal rules of writing is to never just use all capital letters. This is known as writing in ALL CAPS. When you write in all caps, it looks to most recipients as if you are shouting. You should use all caps sparingly. It is best used only for short strings of words rather than full sentences.

Just like with spoken words, it's sometimes necessary to make your text "sound" louder, for emphasis. Then and only then is it acceptable to use all caps.

Text in all caps is significantly more difficult to read. It's best to write in sentence case or mixed case, with proper nouns capitalized as well as the first letter of the first word. That is how people are used to reading printed material.

Please also consider our guidelines for the hotel name.

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