We want to make sure that all properties in HDC are 100% genuine – that’s why we review and verify all of them.

We try to perform the reviews as quickly as possible. Premium and Enterprise accounts are always sent to the top of our queue and reviewed immediately.

For Basic accounts, the duration varies and depends on our review team's backlog. If a large hotel group newly signs up for Premium accounts, this might slightly push back the pending reviews of Basic accounts.

You will be notified once your profile has passed our review. It will then automatically be set live for distribution through our HDC data feed. There is nothing else you need to do.

Please feel free to contact us if you have the feeling that your profile's review is taking unusually long. We will gladly investigate if there are any issues.

If you upgrade to our Premium or Enterprise account, you will automatically jump ahead of the queue and we will review your profile immediately.

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