HDC actually stores three different address values:

  1. The traditional addressing system consists of two address lines, a city name, a postal code and a country name. This article explains how to set this address. 

  2. The innovative what3words system assigns a unique and more precise 3 word address to a 3m x 3m square. It is based on where you've set the map pin. Please see this article and the respective section in our Help Center for details.

  3. We store and distribute the geographic coordinates, consisting of longitude and latitude, of where you placed the map pin.

Traditional addressing systems are sometimes inaccurate or inconsistent. For example, your hotel's official address my place it along a major roadway - though your hotel's actual location might be in considerable distance from it, somewhere down a private and unnamed road.

This is why we also store a 3 word address that accurately places your hotel on the map. This 3 word address can be different from your hotel's official address.

Geographic coordinates are most commonly used for machine processing of addresses. These coordinates map your hotel to the same location as the 3 word address.

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