We assign three main parameters to each room:

  • Room name

  • Room type

  • Room class

Please provide the same room name that you have provided to the systems that let you manage pricing and availability of your rooms, adhering to the hospitality industry's usual naming conventions. 

We use a standardized room types and classes across HDC to keep things clear and consistent for customers across all booking channels. These are used for all properties all over the world.

In addition to this, you can optionally assign a custom name (e.g. a name that is aligned with your hotel's theme, such as "Purple Room", "Cinnamon Suite" or "Apartment Matterhorn").

We know this information can also help to convert more page/site visitors into actual bookers, with many online marketing studies showing that customers are more likely to book a room with clear and straightforward info.

As with all information you provide through HDC, please be reminded that guests will expect to find exactly what you are promising them - so be careful when assigning room classes. You don't want to raise false expectations and disappoint guests by falsely classifying a room as "luxury".

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