Getting started with HDC is very simple: All you need to do is navigate to our signup page and create an account. You will start with our free Basic account.

You can immediately start filling out your hotel's profile. We can proceed to set it live once you've provided the mandatory information, which will allow you to submit your profile to us for review. There's no need to fill out the entire profile with all data points at once; we are aware that this will require some time. You can come back anytime (even after the profile has been set live) to add more information and complete the profile.

You will be notified once your profile has passed our review. It will then automatically be set live for distribution through our HDC data feed. There is nothing else you need to do. 

Please remember to regularly update your profile, especially when there have been changes (such as renovations/additions to your property) that should be reflected in your listings.

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