Please add a basic hotel description in at least one language of your choice and at least one room type. 

In addition to that, the following information is necessary for a profile to pass our review:

Basic Information:

  • Hotel Name: Please use the name by which your hotel should generally be referred to. It will be displayed by this name within listings on booking websites and wherever else the HDC data feed distributes your information. The hotel name should generally not be provided in all caps. See our guidelines for the hotel name for more details on this subject.

  • Hotel Category: We provide 5 categories to choose from. Your choice is not necessarily reliant upon your hotel's official star rating, but rather upon a general estimate of where your hotel fits within the broader market and its competitors.

  • Hotel Type: Please choose at least one hotel type from the list of options we provide. There are rather broad, general types as well as very specific types to choose from. Please be aware that guests will hold you accountable for this information and will associated certain expectations with certain hotel types, especially the rather specific ones. For example, airport hotel should indeed be located within the vicinity of an airport and provide relative services.

  • Stars: Please provide your hotel's official star rating according to the rating standard that is used locally. If your hotel does not have a star rating, please choose "no stars". Be aware that HDC assumes no liability if you provide deceptive or false information.

  • Address Information: Please provide a complete address, along with a corresponding geocode, in the "Adress Information" section of your profile's "Basic Information". 

  • Front Desk Phone: Please provide a phone number

  • Front Desk Email: Please provide an email address. 

Additional Information:

  • Currency Used for HDC Input: Please indicate which currency should be used for all input fields relating to the costs of your hotel's services. 

  • Accepted Forms of Payment: Please set check marks to indicate which forms of payment are accepted at your hotel. At least one check mark should be set.

  • Hotel Description: Please provide a basic description of your hotel in at least one language. We recommend providing descriptions in at least English and your local language, preferably in all languages of your main target markets.

  • Number of Rooms: Please provide the number of rooms that are readily available.

  • Year Built: Please provide the year your hotel was originally constructed. If your hotel features several buildings, use the year of your oldest building that is in active use. Additionally (and optionally), you can also provide the year of your hotels last complete and/or partial renovation.

  • MICE Facilities: Please indicate if MICE facilities (such as conference rooms) are available.

  • Check In/Out Time: Please provide the standard times for check in and check out.

  • Room Types & Description: Please add at least one room type and provide a basic description of each room type in at least one language. Room types should be added in accordance with your pricing structure.

  • Breakfast: Please indicate if breakfast is available for your guests (regardless of whether it is included in your room rates or charged extra).

  • Meal Plans: Please indicate if meal plans are offered as part of your room rates.

  • Parking: Please indicate if parking is available.

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