Staying true to our mission of putting you back in control, we generally let you decide how much information you provide.

We realize that filling out the entire profile takes time, but you want us to start distributing as soon as possible. So we don't mind if you initially submit only basic information and then enhance your profile later to provide a comprehensive overview of your hotel.

However, there are certain data points that we consider mandatory before we set your profile live and start distributing your information in our data feed.

In our review process, we check that this mandatory information has been duly provided. The following information is necessary for a profile to pass our review:

  • Hotel Name

  • Hotel Description

  • Hotel Category

  • Hotel Type

  • Stars

  • Address Information

  • Front Desk Phone

  • Front Desk Email

  • Currency Used for HDC Inputs

  • Accepted Forms of Payment

  • Hotel Description

  • Number of Rooms

  • Year Built 

  • MICE Facilities

  • Check In/Out Time 

  • Room Types & Description

  • Availability of Breakfast

  • Availability of Meal Plans

  • Availability of Parking

This article explains the different criteria in more detail. 

In addition to these data points, our reviewers will check if the information provided in all other sections makes logical sense. For example: We have occasionally noticed that some hotels don't feature a certain service or amenity, but strive to fill out every section section and have thus added a restaurant named "No Restaurant". This would lead to a negative review. As described here, we kindly ask you to simply omit sections that don't apply to your hotel.

Rest assured: The review is free of charge for all account types. The review may take slightly longer for Basic accounts: Only our Premium and Enterprise account are eligible for express reviews.

If you upgrade to our Premium or Enterprise account, you will automatically jump ahead of the queue and we will review your profile immediately.

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